About the project

The NCH project is intended to enable cooperation actions that can turn strategies into concrete solutions to help reduce the CO2 footprint, reduce, and optimize material use, promote innovations and implement new business models.

The project establishes a Nordic network to support practical development of Industrial-Urban Symbiosis (IUS) practices in the Nordic regions by increasing communication and cooperation among key stakeholders. Furthermore, building on the existing experiences, Nordic Circular Hubs project aims to develop a replicable “Nordic Symbiosis model” for accelerated regional circular business development.

“From concept to common practice”

“Towards a strong Nordic network for urban and industrial symbiosis”

“Systemic approach for a smarter green transition”

“We seek to fill out the organizational empty space”

“Capacity building with no boarders”

“With joint forces the Nordic Circular Hubs will accelerate the transformation to a resource efficient society”