Agder Symbiosis

Agder Symbiosis is an emerging regional collaboration platform to facilitate regional value creation through valorization of sidestreams and wastes.
This collaboration comprises NCH partner Eyde, the Agder County administration, the city of Kristiansand, city of Arendal, the University of Agder as well as Lister Nyskaping, a regional cluster.

From 2020 to summer 2021 this group has been working through bi-weekly meetings and several workshops to establish a good way of collaborating in the region. Identifying stakeholders as well as gaining insights into the varying roles of the partners in such a facilitation process.
This collaboration mapped the wood-based waste streams in the region from private and public waste collectors into a database. A first workshop was held to start identifying possible routes towards their valorisation.
This funding period for this project is now running out but by engaging with the NCH project the collaboration hopes to continue their knowledge building and sharing as well as the gradual maturing of their hub.