Symbiosis Network Denmark

Symbiosis Network Denmark is a national network for public and private organisations, knowledge institutions, NGOs, associations and networks active in sustainable development, green transition and industrial symbiosis. By symbiosis we mean partnerships between two or more organisations, from the same or across sectors and geographies, where resources are shared, exchanged and provided for joint and increased value creation. By sustainability we mean long-term responsible use of resources, balanced with economic, environmental and social considerations.

Vision: “Symbiotic collaborations between companies, organisations and institutions from the private and public sectors are a natural and relevant part of the green transition and realise innovative circular projects and solutions”

Symbiosis Network Denmark will create a national symbiotic ecosystem where it is natural to collaborate across industries and geographies in Denmark. Together we create concrete results by implementing projects and initiatives that streamline resource use and minimize negative impact.

Mission: through activities and dialogue in a strong national network of public and private actors, we will build and share knowledge, experience and competences that support the diffusion and development of symbioses. Through close partnerships we support, develop and strengthen existing collaborations, as well as facilitate the establishment of new symbioses, with a circular approach to resource use and production. We work to actively contribute to the achievement of corporate, municipal, regional and national objectives in the fields of climate, sustainable development, green transition and investment, circular economy, innovation and job creation. We build bridges and act as the common institutional voice that creates the necessary breakthroughs in the system of relevant national rules and legislation

Symbiosis Network Denmark is in its infancy and is therefore also focusing on building a strong communication platform for the partnership. Through its LinkedIn groupnewsletters and later also through the network’s website, it will ensure communication of the network’s work and results.